TV Schedule

2016 French Open TV Broadcast by Country/Region
French Open 2016 will be played through 23th May 2016 to 06th June 2016. A lot has changed in one year, with Guy Forget named as the tournament director replacing Gilbert Ysern who was sacked in February 2016. French Open has been falling behind Wimbledon, US Open and even Australia Open on different scales and French tennis authorities are keen to put life back into the French Open as they have promised increase in total prize money pool and extensive tv coverage around the world.


France National Television channels (France 1, 2 and 3) will be the host broadcasters who will have the orignial live feed of live coverage from all courts which will be distributed among other broadcasters from around the world. French Open is arguably the second biggest grand slam of the year just behind Wimbledon in terms of viewership and in msot of the countries the main national channels cover the french open for free. But you can take a look at below table showing what channels will have the right to broadcast 2016 French Open.

TV Channels Broadcasting French Open 2016
France  France TV & EuroSport 1&2
United Kingdom  ITV 1 and ITV2 has broadcasting rights till 2018 – British EuroSport will also have live coverage in the UK
United States  Tennis Channel (paid channel) & NBCSN set to take over morning session matches as ESPN dropped the rights starting from 2016
Canada  RDS (French) & TSN (English)
Australia  FoxSports
European Countries EuroSport 1 & 2 (will continue to broadcast French Open live in most of the european countries)
African Countries Super Sports (exclusive rights holder in South Africa and other african nations & BeinSport (in some countries)
Caribbean  ESPN Caribbean
South American Countries  ESPN Latin
New Zealand  Sky NZ
Asian Countries  FoxSports
India & SubContinent Neo SPorts & MNC Sports
Middle East beIN Sports
Fiji & Pacific Islands FoxSports