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US Open

26 aoû 8 sep, 2019 | New York, NY
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CTT vous offre un large choix de services : du ticket individuel au forfait complet. Nous pouvons également personnaliser un forfait uniquement pour vous. Depuis 1987, nous avons rendu cette formidable expérience possible pour des dizaines de milliers de fans à travers le monde.
Fan Rating: (32 Reviews)
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Forfaits Personnalisés

US Open has a 4.8 out of 5 rating, based on 32 User Reviews

Big Time Fun

David Guglielmo from Pomona Beach USA said:
What can you say, this is more than just a day at a tennis event, it's the biggest tennis tournament in the world. The stadium makes you feel like you're back in days of the Roman coliseum watching the gladiators go at it.
Bottom line: David Guglielmo would recommend this event to their best friends

Great Trip despite the rain

Sandy from Mesa, USA said:
Due to the inclement weather, the session I was attending was rescheduled to the next day which coincide with a Mets doubleheader. CTT worked out getting me another pair of tickets. Parking was a nightmare however, it took me over an hour to find a space and I only made it to the match because a cop let people park on the shoulders of an overfill lot. Women's play was excellent, rallies are much longer and US Open crowd was gracious and spirited. The action was amazing...can't wait till next year.
Bottom line: Sandy would recommend this event to their best friends

Great Experience

Vlad Rakevic from Sofia, Bulgaria said:
The Men's semi-Finals tickets we got were unbelievable. We paid for two matches but could watch only one match because of the rain. They moved the second match to Luis Armstrong stadium. They should have planned it better so that people got their money's money and enjoyed both the matches. They should have moved the match back to Arthur Ashe or should have postponed the entire game for the next day, then people would have got to see both matches fully. Despite all this, it was amazing to get to see Federer play in person.
Bottom line: Vlad Rakevic would recommend this event to their best friends

Incredible Seats

Paul Saphier from New York, USA said:
Championship Tennis Tours let me purchase tickets that I would otherwise not have access to. I will definitely be using CTT in the future and I would recommend to friends/family!
Bottom line: Paul Saphier would recommend this event to their best friends

Worth the price

Taylor Grant from Los Angeles, USA said:
If you can afford it, it's definitely worth the splurge. The level of athleticism is not what I had expected. Much better than watching it on TV. You really appreciate how good these players are.
Bottom line: Taylor Grant would recommend this event to their best friends

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Depuis 1987, nous sommes là pour aider des milliers de fans chaque année à assister aux tournois de tennis les plus recherchés du monde. Notre spécialisation dans le tennis nous a permis d'aquérir une grande expérience et une parfaite connaissance des tournois que nous proposons. Vous pouvez nous faire confiance : nous prenons en charge tous les détails, avec une telle qualité de service que vous ne pourrez plus vous passer de nous!

Mike Bernstein
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