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French Open

25 mai 8 jui, 2025 | Paris, France

Planning Your Trip to the French Open

The City of Lights as it is called—Paris--is an enchanting destination for families and friends planning a vacation. With many attractive and memorable sites to visit outside of your time at Roland Garros, Paris is a dream destination. Another good thing about Paris is its accessibility to other European cities that are quite exciting as well. You can go to London, to Rome, to Barcelona, to Amsterdam and others on board a train. Since there are a lot of places to visit in Paris, it is good to plan in advance in order to satisfy your curiosity of the city. So, here’s a practical way to prepare for your visit to Paris.

Things you'll need to think about before your trip:

• Passport
• Euros
• Phrase book
• Guidebooks
• Electricity adapter
• Calling cards or a cell phone
• Visa


Things to Consider:
Although France's medical system is nationalized and friendly to visitors, it is a good idea to be sure you have coverage in other countries and during your travel. Inform the Embassy if ever you lose your passport or are the victim of a crime, they will be able to help you. Buy a 'French' converter Most plugs in France use 220 volts. You can buy a universal converter that will work on both plugs. You can easily get the rest of your money by using an ATM card with a pin number. You will get the current exchange rate on the day of your transaction. It is a good idea not to avoid keeping more than 200 euros on your person, unless you are expecting a larger purchase, in case of theft. Be very, very careful when taking the metros of your belongings. Pick pockets are very clever and fast. Keep your valuables in your hotel room.


At the French Open:
You'll want to bring good walking shoes for your time in Paris, that's a given, but espeically for your time at Roland Garros. The subway stop for Roland Garros which is called "Porte d'Auteuil", (pronounced Port-Doh-Toy) is a good half mile from the entrance to the grounds, and once inside you'll be walking around a ton. The weather in Paris the end of May, beginning of June, can vary quite a bit, so be prepared to dress in layers and keep an eye on the 10 day forecasts before you leave. The dress at Roland Garros is very casual, similar to the US Open. At the same time, you do see your fashionistas about. I would suggest buying your water and sandwiches before going inside as the lines tend to be crazy and the prices even worse.