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French Open

28 Pod 11 Jun, 2023 | Paris, France

iNota: Seguro e confiável desde 1987.
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Se juntar a nós para o melhor no saibro campeonatos do mundo, o Aberto da França também conhecido como Roland Garros. Championship Tennis Tours oferece as melhores opções de ingressos para todos os dias do evento. Escolha a partir de lugares quadra central (Philippe Chatrier) o Suzanne Lenglen em qualquer nível superior (CAT 2 o CAT 3) ou nível inferior (CAT 1). Acesso ilimitado a todas as quadras externas do complexo (exceto estádios). Todos os ingressos estão E-Tickets e são transferidos diretamente para o seu nome e são enviados em formato PDF via e-mail. Desde 1987, todos os ordens bilhete para Roland Garros são 100% garantida. Championship Tennis Tours tem um "A +" rating com o Better Business Bureau.   Mais detalhes e perguntas frequentes. . .
Philippe Chatrier Court
Guia do estádio
Suzanne Lenglen Court
Guia do estádio


This is what it's all about, making into the final stages of a Grand Slam. The pressure and stakes only get bigger and bigger. Who'll make it to the finals? See it live!

Data Arredondar - Jogar * Ingresso de Passeo Suzanne Lenglen Court Philippe Chatrier
(Center Court)
QTD Subtotal
11 Jun - dom
Sessão de dia
Men's Singles final
Ruud vs Djokovic
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Stadium View (Approximate View)
Stadium View zoom
Stadium View (Approximate View)
General tickets can be anywhere within the Promenade Level on Center Court. This ticket also gives you access to all the outside courts, and the Louis Armstrong and Grandstand show courts.

Stadium View

Grounds Pass (fora dos tribunais)

French Open Grounds Passes (Annexe), também conhecido como ""ingressos anexo"", são muito populares, pois há muitos jogos grandes singles para apreciar que são jogados nos Tribunais fora durante os primeiros 10 dias do evento. Estes franceses terras abertas Passes lhe dará acesso a todos os tribunais de fora, mas não é o principal estádio de três tribunais: Phillipe Chatrier (Center Court), Suzanne Lenglen, ou um Tribunal. Assentos para os Tribunais exterior é em um primeiro a chegar primeiro a ser servido, por isso é importante saber onde os jogos que você está interessado em ver terá lugar assim que você pode chegar lá o mais cedo possível para garantir assentos.

Categoria 1

O "CAT 1" nível tanto na Philippe Chatrier (Center Court) e Suzanne Lenglen Tribunal oferecer aos fãs uma incrível perspectiva-se perto da ação. Estes são os lugares mais exclusivos que vendemos. O nível situa-se acima do "nível Loge" caixas das empresas de ambos os estádios wh

Categoria 2

O "CAT 2" nível tanto na Philippe Chatrier (Center Court) e Suzanne Lengle Tribunal situa-se na primeira parte do segundo nível de ambos os estádios e oferecem uma deslumbrante vista para o tribunal e ação.

Categoria 3

O "CAT 3" nível tanto na Philippe Chatrier (Center Court) e Suzanne Lengle Tribunal estão situados na parte superior do segundo nível de ambos os estádios. Ambos os estádios foram construídos especificamente para o tênis, como tal, realmente não há lugares ruins, mesmo na mais acessível "CAT 3" level. Você simplesmente tem uma maior perspectiva do tribunal que do gato 2 lugares de nível.

French Open FAQ's

Q. With does a ticket on Philippe Chatrier or Suzanne Lenglen court give you access to?

A ticket on the Phillipe Chatrier (Center Court) or Suzanne Lenglen Court will give you a reserved seat for the entire day on that particular court with access to all the outside courts except Court 1 which has its own specific ticket. If you have a ticket on Phillipe Chatrier you cannot access the Suzanne Lenglen court and vice-versa. Both of these show courts usually offer an equal level of featured singles matches through Wednesday of the second week of the tournament. From Thursday of the second week through the end of the tournament all of the featured singles matches are played on the Phillipe Chatrier Center Court. The overall seating capacity on the Philippe-Chatrier Court is 14,840, and on Suzanne Lenglen is 9,959.

Q. On Philippe Chatrier Court, If I don't want to be facing the sun, which tribune do you need to sit in?

You would need to be seated in either the Borotra (West) or Lacoste (South) Tribunes.

Q. What do Grounds Passes give access to?

Grounds Passes also known as "Annexe tickets" are very popular as there are many great matches to enjoy on the outside courts during the first 10 days of the event. These French Open Grounds Passes give you access to ALL the outside courts but DO NOT offer access to Phillipe Chatrier, Suzanne Lenglen, or Court 1.

Q. What does ‘Outside Courts’ means?

Outside Courts are 13 courts on the venue of Roland Garros, where the less famous players will play. Juniors’-, Legends’-, Wheelchair- and Doubles- tournament will be played here as well. Please keep in mind that the seats at the Outside Courts are not reserved. 

Q. Is the ticket I bought valid for the entire day?

Yes, the ticket is valid for the entire day you bought the ticket for. 

Q. What does it mean when the ticket listing on our site ( says it say it is a "General" ticket.... for example, "CAT 1 - General" or "CAT 1 - Borotra- General" ?

It means that the ticket is located anywhere in the selected level. So if the listing was for a "CAT 1 - General" ticket, it could be located in any one of the CAT 1 Tribunes. It will still be a reserved ticket, but we just don't know exactly which Tribune, row, and seat number it will be in the CAT 1 level until the ticket is transferred and allocated.

Q. How many matches are played on Philippe Chatrier Center Court and Court Suzanne Lenglen each day?

It varies as you go through the tournament. Generally up till the Quarterfinals start on Tuesday of the 2nd week there are 4 Singles matches played per day. From Tuesday on it starts to vary between 2 and 3 matches per day on these main show courts. The Order of play for the following day is released generally around 8pm each day.

Q. Can I select a specific tennis player to watch?

As the draw has not been held and the schedule is not known yet, you can not select a specific tennis player to watch.

Q. I want to see the best and most famous tennis players. For which court should I buy tickets?

The best and most famous players most often (not always) play on the center court of the Roland Garros venue which is the Philippe Chatrier court.

Q. Where is Roland Garros located in Paris?

Roland-Garros - 2 avenue Gordon Bennett 75016, PARIS 

Q. If I order multiple tickets, am I guaranteed to sit next to each other?

Championship Tennis Tours guarantees that when you order two tickets, the seats will be located next to each other. For more than two tickets we do our best to have the additional ticket(s) as close together as possible.

Q. What is my exact seat location in the stadium?

At the time of ordering, it is not possible to determine the exact location of your tickets in the stadium. The seating plan provides a good idea of where your seat will be located in the stadium. This exact information will only be available once the tickets have been transfered and made available to us to deliver to you by our suppliers.

Q. Can I still cancel my order after I have ordered?

Yes, you can still cancel your order. But keep in mind we have a cancellation policy with Ticket Guardian. You can find the cancel policy in our terms and conditions. Please read this carefully and decided afterwards if you still want to cancel your order. If so, please contact our customer support team by e-mail.  

Q. Can I order by phone?

Yes! If you are unable, for whatever reason, to order tickets via our desktop or mobile site please call us at any time at 8004683664, or +14804297700. Our customer service is at your disposal every day to help take your order.

Q. Are there any discounts for Children or Seniors?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts for Children or Seniors.

Q. What does Men’s Semi final Match #1, Men’s Semifinal Match #2 and - Men’s Semifinal Pass means?

We offer you 3 different types of tickets for the men’s semifinals:
Men’s Semifinal Match #1
Men’s Semifinal Match #2
Men’s Semifinal Pass provides you with tickets to see both Men’s semifinal sessions on Friday.

Q. Can I select a specific tennis player to watch?

As the draw has not been held and the schedule is not known yet, you can not select a specific tennis player to watch.

Q. I want to see the best and most famous tennis players. For which court should I buy tickets?

The most famous players will likely play on the Philippe Chatrier center court or on Suzanne Lenglen. But it's not guaranteed. The Order of play which indicates where and when players will play doesn't
come out until the night before.

Q. How and when will the tickets be delivered?

The tickets for Roland Garros are all e-tickets and will be delivered by e-mail. We will send the tickets to the registered e-mail address which you used to make an account at Championship Tennis Tours. For security reasons, tickets for the French Open are generally delivered 3-7 days before your first day of attendance at the tournament.

Q. If I order multiple tickets, am I guaranteed to sit next to each other?

We guarantee that when you order two tickets, the seats will be located next to each other. For more than two tickets we do our best to find tickets next to each other. When it’s impossible to find seats next to each other, the tickets will always be two by two, which means that no one ever sits alone

Championship Tennis Tours is not affiliated with Roland Garros, the French Federation of Tennis (FFT), or Viagogo. All French Open tickets purchased through Championship Tennis Tours (CTT) are made on a Buyer Beware Basis. An original passport or driver's license (copies will not be accepted) will be required at the gates of Roland Garros and MUST correlate exactly with the name(s) provided to us for the transfer of the French Open e-ticket(s) purchased through Championship Tennis Tours, Inc. All CTT French Open tickets are 100% guaranteed! All orders are protected with Ticket Guardian's "Peace of Mind" insurance which is included with every French Open order. You are free to cancel your order for any reason and get a full refund on your ticket purchase less any service fees.

Tickets for the French Open will be sent via email in PDF format to the email address you've provided us for shipping. Please note that French Open tickets are sent out first to clients who purchased tickets for the first week of the tournament, and then to clients who purchased tickets for the second week of the tournament. In general, as a rule from past years, you can expect to receive your tickets (via email) approximately 3 days to a week before YOUR first day of attendance at the tournament. You will be asked to confirm recipt of the ticket(s) we send you, confirming that your ticket(s) is exactly as you ordered. Specifically, that the name(s) of the person or people to whom the ticket(s) was to be transferred into is correctly spelled on the ticket(s). Tickets are guaranteed to be delivered at least ONE day prior to YOUR first day of attendance at the event. If you have any questions regarding the shipping of your tickets, please feel free to contact us. We understand that it can be very stressful waiting to recieve your tickets, but keep in mind that tickets are generally issued very late by the French Open and must be transferred into the names that you have provided us. We have a very rigourous distribution process that we go through to make sure all our clients receive exactly the tickets they ordered. Rest assured, your tickets will arrive, as per these guidelines.

All CTT French Open tickets are 100% guaranteed.
Você tem alguma dúvida? Enviar um e-mail. Ou ligue. (800) 468-3664 local and international call +1 (480) 429-7700

Compromisso de Serviço

Desde 1987, tivemos apenas uma missão, e isso é para torná-lo tão fácil quanto possível para os fãs de todo o mundo para participar da mais procurados torneios de tênis do mundo. Nós tratamos apenas de tênis e tem profunda experiência e compreensão dos nossos torneios de serviço. Pode confiar em nós para cuidar de todos os detalhes, com um nível de serviço ao cliente que vai fazer você um cliente leal para os próximos anos.

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